BMW’s Motorrad division strikes again with an R nineT model, only this time it’s a Scrambler.

We’ve encountered the BMW R nineT plenty of times now, since BMW never misses a beat to show-off the customizable bike whenever it gets the chance. Since the basic factory-vehicle is garnished with design elements configured to allow it to be easily modified, the German company decided to revive the Scrambler era, and appeal to the purist in all of us in a very special way.

BMW RnineT Scrambler Bike

Reducing the bike to its bare essentials, but retaining the well-known BMW technology and quality, the company’s latest offers a non-conformist approach to riding straight from the factory. Equipped with a potent air-cooled boxer engine, the R nineT Scrambler features a punchy mill that boasts 109 hp at 7750 rpm and a maximum torque of 116 Nm at 6,000 rpm thanks to a new engine mapping system, which also meets the EU4 emission requirements.


BMW says that the normal R nineT was created to comply with “the desire of many motorcycle fans to be able to modify their bike creatively according to their own personal taste”. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that with a raised exhaust system, fitted close to the bike’s body, a traditional suspension technology, and a lightened frame concept, this Scrambler can lend itself to various customizers as a good starting base.

The bike’s structure is a key aspect in terms of the Scrambler’s extensive customization capacity, especially as it’s a steel tubular space-frame that integrates the boxer engine as a load-bearing element and consists of a front section with integrated steering head and a rear section with swinging arm mount.


Since this Scrambler is all about looks, the passenger frame can be dismounted, making it perfect for a stylish appearance on the road, especially as it comes with an authentic-style (as BMW puts it) that will draw the purist’s attention. In fact, the classic-color paint schemes, upright seating position, large 19-inch front wheel, circular headlamp and many other details transforms it into a noteworthy proposition in the re-emerging Scrambler scene. By: Carscoops