The high-end, luxury, gargantuan-SUV niche is expanding by the day; there’s no doubt it will eventually evolve into a full-on segment. One of the early, large-scale pioneers seems to be BMW, as the German car manufacturer confirmeddevelopment of the X7 – an upcoming, luxurious seven seat behemoth, which will reportedly have a €100,000+ starting price.

In fact, the SUV is believed to become the most luxurious model of the brand, overshadowing the 7 Series in technology, comfort and other creature comforts. It’s even assumed that the range-topping spec will come equipped with a V12 powerplant.

Do you imagine how such a beast would look like? And no, apparently it will not be an enlarged and elongated X5. Bimmerforums user Scott26 (a possible BMW insider) suggested that indeed the automobile will be enormous, but will sport its own unique style cues, borrowed from the Vision Future Luxury Concept:
“The X7 will be positioned like the 7er with an emphasis on the luxury factor so you will be able to have a four seater like you do with the 7er as well as 5 and 7 seats also available. It’s a big car with standard wheels start at 19″ with additional wheel options will go to 22″. It also has the largest Kidney grille yet even bigger than the 7er. The front end takes its inspiration but details are more upfront and sizeable from the Vision Future Luxury. Which in a slimmed down form is the new 6er Gran Coupe.”

So, it seems that BMW’s grille grows bigger with exclusivity. We can only imagine how aggressive and imposing the front fascia from the Vision Future Luxury concept would look on a high-riding BMW X model. Yikes!  Besides, it seems that the X7 will share some styling details with the future 6-Series Gran Coupe – since the concept also previews the four-door coupe.  Source: carscoops