The Z1 is one of the most unique small European sports cars created in the 1990s, partly due to the way it looked and mostly just down to the cool doors – the rest was standard BMW fare. Opening and closing the doors is a party trick that will still impress people, even today.

Owning a Z1 is quite a privilege, because it’s quite rare, with only around 8,000 ever made between March 1989 and June 1991. Most of its underpinnings are borrowed from the E30 3-Series and so is its 168 hp 2.5-liter straight-six – the body is unlike any other BMW, though, looking more like a 90s concept.
BMW Z1,rear side
This particular Z1, a mint 1990 model, has done 41,622 “careful miles,” and it comes with full history. Adding to its uniqueness is the original color called Fun Yellow, a color which is said to be a rarity among Z1s. It received professional care and attention throughout its life at a licensed BMW dealer, so even if the asking price is as steep as it is ($55,000), this is a car said to need no extra work. In fact, as a quick search reveals, any good Z1 will cost you in excess of $40,000 – 45,000.

We also added a video in case you haven’t seen the famous doors in action.

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