Sometimes being bored is not that bad – on the contrary, it can be a lifesaver.

That’s exactly what boredom did to the schoolboy in the following video. A surveillance camera captured a very odd scene in Russia, where a boy was getting bored near a bus station.


As the bus was nowhere in sight, the boy started looking for things to do. He stepped on something repeatedly while holding on to a fence, but soon lost interest in that and moved 4-5 meters away to kick some other object on the sidewalk.

At that precise moment an out-of-control E39 BMW 5-Series smashed into the very fence the kid was leaning on just seconds before. It’s a somewhat eerie scene to watch the boy suddenly change position and then see the car hit the exact spot he was at moments earlier.

My only explanation is that a guardian angel was there to save him that day. By Carscoops