If you are a Russian oil billionaire, a Saudi Prince, a Chinese business mogul, or a successful African arms dealer, we have good news for you: your ultimate summer cruiser has arrived! This is the Brabus Mercedes SL65 800 which, as the name suggests, is based on the range-topping SL and thoroughly modified for a unique experience.

Brabus Mercedes SL65 800

The V12 super drop-top features a Brabus T65 RS with 800 horsepower, which is about 170 more than what you get from a stock SL65. The thing is though, the moment you lower the roof on Brabus Mercedes SL65 800, about 700 of those horses become absolutely useless. With the roof down you are not going to go faster than 80 km/h… at least not unless you want bugs in your eyes and a hairdo from the 70s.

Brabus Mercedes SL65 800 Interior

While every bit of Brabus Mercedes SL65 800, a two-seater that can easily set you back half a million dollar, is customizable, this one comes with a rather dull interior with white and beige leather, but it also has some nice carbon fiber trims and still pedals. Again, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to have a light colored interior in a car with a folding roof. It’s all going to get messed up and dirty. Not that owner will care, but still.

Brabus Mercedes SL65 800 Engine Brabus Mercedes SL65 800 Rear Brabus Mercedes SL65 800 Side

But perhaps the biggest highlight of this Brabus SL65 is the exterior kit. The car features a full aero kit with custom bumpers and spoiler lip, vented bonnet, Brabus grille, side vents and skirts, rear valance and spoiler, diffuser insert and custom tailpipes. This car is based on the pre-facelift SL65 but the changes do give it a fresh and exclusive look, especially with those massive Monoblock wheels on. By: motorward