With its public debut scheduled for the Geneva show, the Bugatti Chiron returns in a fresh rendering.

Inspired from the numerous prototypes captured over the last months, the hypercar sports a crazy Arctic wrap, as a reference to alpine skier Jon Olsson, who is known for his car addiction and for adding similar themes and even roof boxes on his rides.

Bugatti Chiron Gets A Digital Arctic Wrap

Perhaps the most famous vehicle to end up in Olsson’s collection is an Audi RS6, which ended its life burned to the ground after it was stolen at gunpoint.

While rendering artists are creating different versions of the Chiron, Bugatti is putting the final touches on the actual hypercar, prior to its Swiss debut, in March. Nothing is certain at this point regarding its power and performance, but previous reports indicate the use of an 8.0-liter W16 quad engine, sourced from the Veyron.

The unit will be upgraded to an alleged 1,500PS (1,479hp) and 1,500Nm (1,107lb-ft) of torque, which should be enough to help the Chiron do the 0-100kmh/ (62mph) sprint in as low as 2.2sec and to hit a top speed of around 470km/h (290mph). By: Carscoops