Having made its long-awaited debut at Geneva in a traditional blue livery, the new Chiron reveals its numerous color combinations via a “colorizer”.

Bugatti Chiron Mild Gold Brown Black

 Available here, the mini website allows fans and the few lucky customers, who are eagerly awaiting for Bugatti to deliver their rides, to play with the different finishes, some of which may remind enthusiasts of its predecessor, the Veyron.

With eight color schemes to choose from, available on the two sections of the 1,500 hp hypercar, the Chiron certainly has enough personalization options to suit most needs.

Bugatti Chiron Silver Red

Both sections of the car can be finished in shades ranging from red, to blue and black and they can also be left bare to reveal the carbon fiber bodywork. The wheels and brake calipers benefit from the same overall color scheme, while the interior seems to come in black, tan, beige and brown finishes.

The Chiron will be manufactured in a limited run of 500 units, at a rate of 65 cars per year.

By: Carscoops