A group of Bugatti Chiron mules were spotted again on public roads in Lavis, Italy, during some development testing.

This time, though, there was much less camouflage on their bodies, giving us a first glimpse on the design path Bugatti will follow with the Chiron. As expected, the Veyron successor will use several design features and details from the Vision GT concept.


The side profile is dominated by the same elliptical crease we first saw featured on the Vision GT concept with the much cleaner roof line leading a new rear end, also similar to that of the brand’s latest design study.

Given that Bugatti will keep the monstrous W16 stuffed in the middle of the Chiron, reports are saying that power will be increased up to 1500hp, probably with some help from electric motors in order to make the new Bugatti travel as fast as 290mph.


The firepower increase demands a much better airflow management and basically dictates the hollow form of the rear end in order to keep the new beast cool and happy.

The new Bugatti Chiron is expected to debut in early 2016, with a price tag of $2.2 million with the company already received a significant number of deposits from its loyal clients. By: Carscoops