Although the Bugatti EB110 is a rarity, we had the chance to see the car getting all the attention in one or two circumstances, but never like this.


We’re almost certain you never had the opportunity to see a stripped down EB110 up close, especially a Super Sport model, but this video lets you explore the car’s raw beauty.

To make matters even more interesting, these barebones are part of the EB110SS Brabus’ model (the only one in the world), and although the video doesn’t explain why the car is stripped down to the bones, we can assume that the Bugatti is waiting to be serviced and/or slightly reconditioned.

Sure, Marcello Gandini did a fantastic job when sketching the EB110’s body, and we’d be happy to see it with every occasion, but sometimes a car’s “hidden” elements are just as beautiful.

Unfortunately, even though this is the only EB110 SS modified by Brabus, it doesn’t boast an upgraded power output over the stock variant, sporting the same 612 PS power figure from the 3.5-litre V8. Still that doesn’t mean the model hasn’t got other modifications; as it comes with 150 Kilograms (330 lbs) less, a blue and black leather interior, and a bespoke exhausts system.

And just for the fun of it, we also added another video with a standard SS on the move for you to compare it with. By: Carscoops