As part of a special showcasing in Milan, a group of students has created a 3D printed Bugatti concept called Ephesus. This mockup is a 1:4 3D model that was created using Skorpion’s SLA 3D printing process. The results are shown below:


This is part of the Masters Showcase 2015 for the Master in Transportation & Automobile Design. The main piece of the Bugatti is a “lung” part, that is supposed to be the concept car’s combustion chamber. It was 3D printed in a single piece by SLA using a high temperature resistant and transparent resin. Then it was covered with a special film and painted.

Bugatti-Ephesus-concept-3D-printed-car-2 Bugatti-Ephesus-concept-3D-printed-car-3

The chromed parts were also made using SLA technology. The Volkswagen Group has sponsored and overseen this project. We’re dealing here with a classy Bugatti, one without a roof and clearly inspired by the old school designs of many decades ago. There’s also a slight old Formula 1 vehicle vibe to be found on this Bugatti Ephesus. I can’t say if it’s a single seat or two seat model, but this waspy looking  thing is surely angular and has a front side shaped like a jet fighter. By: conceptcars