The Bugatti Renaissance is a concept car created by Canadian designer John Mark Vicente. He is a graduate of the Communication Design program at the Emily Carr University and what you can see below we consider to be the ultimate supercar.


The Renaissance is a model based on the Bugatti Veyron, but it could well be, in the future, the vehicle that replaces it. Although running on the same platform as the Veyron, the exterior design of this concept Bugatti is far more aggressive, and overall…better.

bugatti_renaissance_concept_3 bugatti_renaissance_concept_6

At the front of the car, the grill has grown in size and the headlights have been redesigned, now resembling the ones on the Audi R8 and also it has a carbon fiber skirt that fits great. Above the cockpit we notice that the twin roof vents are now slightly larger.


At the back, there are two larger vents, redesigned tail lights and the Bugatti logo framed by a red line that goes all the way to the roof scoops. The car uses impressive 26 inch rims. Thought the Veyron couldn’t get any better? Apparently it can! By: conceptsuper