If a Bugatti Coupe will ever exist, let’s just hope it will look half as good as this one does.  Inspired by Bugatti’s official concept, this stunning-looking automobile transforms the style cues and proportions of the Vision Gran Turismo into a Coupe.
Bugatti Type-6 GT Vision Study By Alexander Imnadze

Designed by Alexander Imnadze, the Type-6 GT Vision – as it’s named – makes the best of the old Bugatti design techniques in order to blend the proportions of modern-day automobiles with the pre-war volume concepts. Just by glancing at it you can spot various subtle throwbacks to the marque’s rich heritage, such as the fine-drawn line that separates the rear windshield taken from the iconic Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic.

The designer says his base inspiration in creating this awesome car was the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante – a car that plays well with its planes and surfaces.
Bugatti-Bugatti Type-6 GT Vision Study By Alexander Imnadze -2
After understanding its philosophy, it comes as no surprise to see the car bearing a simple, elegant design, reminiscent of the old pre-war coachbuilders and their graceful approach. Still, the digital study has some modern-day touches as well, including Bugatti’s iconic side line that cocoons the cabin and delimits the car’s two major volumes, whilst creating a wide, thick B-pillar, as seen on the Veyron, Vision GT Concept and even on the Galibier – to some extent.

In fact, that exact design cue hides a subtle intake on the Type-6 GT Vision which pushes air out the rear spoiler in order to make it more aerodynamic. The horizontal, elongated taillight is a nice addition too, especially as future Bugattis are most likely bound to sport such a stylistic approach.  All in all, the Type-6 GT Vision is as an elegant, expressive attitude, specific to a Bugatti.  Source: Carscoops