Venet is the name of the latest special edition Bugatti Veyron, designed by artist Bernar Venet. At first glance the car appears to be made for an ultimate geek, what with all the math, physics and chemistry formulas written all over it. But these formulas are actually the ones used by engineers while developing the car, so it’s kinda cool.


The Venet Edition Veyron has a two-tone dark brown and rust! The front-end is finished in a rusty brown, which gradually turns into formulas as it goes through the sides. Same treatment is used inside the cabin, with the same colors and formulas on the door panels, but a more chocolaty brown instead of black.



There is no change in the car’s technical specs. It has the same 1,001 horsepower W12 engine that powers the normal Grand Sport models.


It is hard to see the point of this special edition Veyron, because, well, who would want to drive around in a car that has some formulas written on its doors? And who would pay like 1.5 million Euro to own such a thing? Albert Einstein probably would, but he’s dead. By: motorward