Bugatti will not be shy within the case of teasing us with particulars regarding the Chiron, the Veyron’s successor, however this latest report may (or might not) deter a few of us.


Bugatti Veyron-Successor Will Make 1,480 HP, Cost $2.5 Million

​CAR ​​Journal​ reviews a regular Chiron’s sticker price at virtually $2.5 million. ​Future iterations (roadsters and completely different explicit editions) are anticipated solely to elevate that decide. Named after a widely known Bugatti racer, Louis Chiron, the Bugatti Chiron has some pretty recreation-altering specs: 1,480 bhp and 1106 lb.-ft. of torque from a quad-turbo liter W16. Prime tempo is a projected 288 MPH. Manufacturing numbers are anticipated to increase, as successfully: Bugatti plans to assemble 500 Chirons. 


We’ll see exactly what Bugatti has hatched after the Chiron is unveiled. Nonetheless as for Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren? Ponder these figures as pictures fired.