Arab tuner ByDesign has done a fair few Mercedes SLS in their time, but this one right here is most likely the classiest of them all. That is because with this car they have steered clear of any buffed-up body kit and just gave the car a cool set of wheels and some suspension adjustment.

ByDesign Mercedes SLS Looks Super Clean on ADV1 Rims

 The grey ByDesign Mercedes SLS here is equipped with a set of gloss black ADV6.2 MV2 Competition Series lightweight forged aluminum wheels form ADV1’s extensive collection. They complement the style of the car and especially the paint work beautifully, but mainly because the tuner has lowered the suspension. That is why the wheels look so snug inside those sizable fenders.

ByDesign Mercedes SLS Looks Super Clean on ADV1 Rims Sideview

Regardless of the upgrades, it is good to see the Mercedes SLS again. Even though it hasn’t been long since this super car went out of production and was replaced with the newer, sleeker AMG GT, the SLS is already feeling like a distant memory. The thin we’ll miss most about this beast is its fire-breathing 6.2 liter, naturally aspirated, 570 horsepower V8 engine. It was a real man’s engine, full of sound and fury, signifying great speed. By: motorward