Sidney Industries is a fresh company with new ideas. For this year’s Essen Motor Show, they prepared a widebody Golf GTI with a Rocket Bunny kit and this, the latest C63 AMG sedan with a camo wrap.

C63 AMG with Chrome Camo and Rocket Bunny Golf GTI

Let’s start with the Merc. The new C63 switched from a 6.2-liter to a twin-turbo 4-liter with 510 horsepower. It’s classy as heck, still makes a great sound, yet it has a more civilized attitude than its predecessor.

The changes made by Sidney Industries aren’t that major. They installed a KW coilover suspension system and added Forge 3-piece alloy wheels. For the wrap, they went to Check Matt Dortmund, a company that made the camouflage vinyl wrap using the freehand method. It’s got greens, browns and a bit of bling-bling.

For the Golf, they went with bigger wheels, bagged suspension and trademark Rocket Bunny fender flares. The GTI now sits on 9×19 front wheels with a 3-inch outside bed and 10.5×19-inch rear wheels with a 4.5-inch bed.


As usual, the Rocket Bunny kit requires extreme measures, as the tuning shop took an angle grinder to the GTI. It hurt our heart to see a €30,000 hot hatch being chopped up, but the results are well worth it.

You have to remember that these are prototype parts, as the kit has only recently been completed. But they seem to fit flush with the body of the car. As you may have already noticed, the front bumper has a deep chin spoiler, and there is also something extra between the twin exhaust pipes.

To tie everything together, tuner Sidney Hoffmann went for a matte grey wrap. Official footage is scarce at the moment, so you guys will have to make do with a video of the C63 before it had wheels and an interview from Auto Bild. The upside is that the ever-sexy KW girls did the unveiling. By: autoevolution