We came across a cool futuristic racing car dedicated to the popular Gran Turismo video game series. Designed by Arthur B. Nustas, an automotive designer, this single seat concept car features the dynamic shape of a flying eagle with sharp details and smooth surfaces.


Most designers are inspired by current product design trends such as Apple Products, however designing a futuristic vehicle allows you to envision and evolve a design DNA language to your own preference.


I have designed my vision of a 2030 Cadillac LMP single seat race car, based on a lightweight conceptual idea where the wheels are separately attached to a cabin that includes a rear engine power train.

The cabin itself is inspired by a B2 stealth bomber and the dynamic shape of a flying eagle. Although Cadillac has a very distinctive design language, especially through the C-pillars, I wanted to stress upon that area which resembles a landing eagle with it’s wings spread open ready to hunt its prey.

cadillac-lmp-09-vision-gran-turismo-by-arthur-nustas7 cadillac-lmp-09-vision-gran-turismo-by-arthur-nustas8

The C-pillar itself acts as a spoiler assisting with down-force and improving upon breaking distance. The main power comes from a smaller 3.0L twin-turbo charged V-8 Northstar engine powering the rear wheels and two electric motors mounted in the front powering the front wheels, providing an all-wheel-drive capability to improve acceleration and cornering.

Designer : Arthur B. Nustas / tuvie