Clue: he didn’t care about his car.
When a buyer takes a car as rare and collectible as the Ford GT half way across the world, you think he’d be a little more careful with it.

Crashing Ford GT

Well, the owner of this once pristine example of the first-gen Ford GT obviously didn’t give a shit. According to Top Gear Philippines, the driver was revving the car hard and showing off before he spun out and crashed into a car repair shop on Mindanao Avenue. Avoiding humiliation, the police, and no doubt mindful of the irony, he immediately fled the scene.


Witnesses claim he sped off in a Hyundai SUV that was the GT’s backup vehicle.
“The funny thing was that the driver left the GT like it was just a bicycle,” said one bystander. Judging by the photos, courtesy of Top Gear Philippines, it looks like there’s hope for a full recovery.  By: Carbuzz