With so many projects being shown at the SEMA show every year, it’s hard to keep track of what’s just different-looking and what’s really groundbreaking. But we figure winning the 2015 Gran Turismo Awards is a good indication that this Dodge Charger “Tantrum” is the real deal. carbon-fiber-1970-dodge-charger-with-immaculate-mercury-racing-engine-debut-at-sema-2015_6

SpeedKore Performance Group and Salvaggio Automotive Design collaborated on this immaculately reinterpreted Dodge Charger equipped with a Mercury Racing engine with no less than 1650 horsepower.

SpeedKore is a company that specializes in making lightweight composite materials. That’s why several components are made from carbon fiber. And just to show off, the Charger’s fenders, hood, valance, bumper, inner door panels, inner quarters, and mirror only have a think layer of lacquer to hide them.


The 70 Charger is by no means a featherweight, even with all these carbon bits. However, it’s undoubtedly very cool. Just check out the custom grille and LED headlights. Behind those resides an all-aluminum 9-liter monster engine. The Mercury Racing QC4v features a DOHC design with twin turbochargers helping it belch out 1,650 horsepower. Not only is it an advanced racing engine but it’s also immaculately finished. We can’t find a single weld or rivet that’s out of place.



As for the interior, it’s made with modern materials but stays true to the classic Charger design. Dark leather is combined with white stitching and naked carbon panels.

You don’t have to be a fan of carbon to like this bad boy. The custom aluminum frame is a major turn-on, since you can’t shoehorn a 9-liter twin-turbo engine without these kinds of mods.


They’ve kept things sporty in the wheels and tires department with a set of HRE lightweight alloys. However, our favorite component of all is the carbon bumper. It makes absolutely no sense to use such an expensive, delicate material in an exposed area of the car, but that’s the kind of craziness you need for SEMA. By: autoevolution