While there is no shortage of aftermarket tuning packages for the BMW M4 F82, only a handful of them are serious enough to be called a proper track-ready machine. That phrase you can easily throw around to describe Carbonfiber Dynamics BMW M4 R though, as this one is built for nothing else but the track.


 Don’t get us wrong. You can still drive Carbonfiber Dynamics BMW M4 R on the road if you want to. But it’d be a waste of that racing aero kit, uprated suspension, and above all, the heavily modified engine that now produces 600 horsepower.


The engine in Carbonfiber Dynamics BMW M4 R is equipped with new, higher-performance turbo chargers with extra boost, new software, air intakes with sport manifolds and filters, as well as an Akrapovic exhaust system. The treatment also result in a hefty maximum torque of 827 Nm, something that called for a better clutch system than the stock unit.


Other highlights of Carbonfiber Dynamics BMW M4 R include a Bilstein coilover suspension system, uprated Mov’it brakes, a set of 20 inch BBS platinum silver CI-R rims, and a full racing aero kit with front splitter, rear diffuser, and boot lid wing plus a carbon bonnet. By: motorward