Interior specialists that are good at what they do inevitably venture out to styling modifications. We saw that with Vilner, who is now a fully fledged tuner, and now Carlex Design. BMW Z4 Rampant is the latest creation of the European firm, and it is, to all intents and purposes, a coach-build project.


What we think has happened here is Carlex came up with the magnificent interior package for this Z4 and then realized that interior does not work with the stock exterior. So they implemented a similar treatment on the outside as well, and the end result is the most unique BMW Z4 in the world, especially as it has a BMW M3 engine under the bonnet!


BMW Z4 Rampant features a two-tone exterior with custom bumpers, aero parts and wheels, as well as a matte wrap. The exterior look matches the interior design which makes use of a huge amount of black Alcantara and buffalo leather as well as hand painted carbon parts and a custom audio system.


BMW Z4 Rampant is truly a work of art. OK, so the exterior is not that fantastic, but what they’ve done to that cabin is just amazing. This is of course not the first time Carlex Design has done such as thing. This Z4 Steampunk is another one of their artsy creations worth checking out. By: motorward