1995 Fast and Furious Volkswagen Jetta

1995 Fast and Furious Volkswagen Jetta Used in the filming of the original "Fast and Furious" movie. Now owned by Frankie Muniz of TV, movie, music and racing fame....
Volkswagen Subtly Revises Golf GTi Cabriolet

Volkswagen Subtly Revises Golf GTi Cabriolet

Volkswagen just freshened-up the Golf GTi Cabriolet, offering an affordable, sharp-looking, sporty drop- top in the process. Mind you, the facelift doesn’t bring a radical overhaul to the car’s design,...

Volkswagen Phaeton

At the 2010 Beijing Motor Show Volkswagen unveiled the updated and revised version of their flagship model the Phaeton. The 2011 Volkswagen Phaeton features a new face which is more...

HPerformance and HPA Motorsports Create One-Off Volkswagen Golf R32

HPerformance Volkswagen Golf R32 looks amazing on pictures, doesn't it! But let me tell you a secret: it behaves even better on the road! You might ask why and...
Volkswagen GTI Roadster

Wörthersee 2014: Volkswagen GTI Roadster

The fearsome GTI Roadster has just been wheeled out at the Wörthersee show and, oh boy, what a beast it is! Just look at the key stats. It’s powered...
Volkswagen Scirocco R Powerkit and Body Kit by Bruxsafol

Volkswagen Scirocco R Powerkit and Body Kit by Bruxsafol

The German foil wrapping specialists from Bruxsafol revealed just lately a brand new aftermarket program for the Volkswagen Scirocco R. Bruxsafol's powerkit for the Volkswagen Scirocco R will increase...

Tanner Foust Reveals 900 hp Volkswagen Passat

When you the phrases Volkswagen and Passat, your thoughts doesn't essentially think about drifting. The VW Passat comes with both entrance-wheel-drive or AWD, so it is not the most...
2016 Volkswagen Scirocco GTS

2016 Volkswagen Scirocco GTS

VW revealed on the end of final week the updated 2016 Volkswagen Scirocco GTS, which comes with new seems to be and a bit extra energy. Visually, the 2016...
2016 Volkswagen Tiguan GTE

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan GTE

In the case of hybrids , Volkswagen affords solely three as of 2015. However that’s about to alter, and the Tiguan GTE concept that may debut on the 2015...
New 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Dark Shine

New 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Dark Shine

A new one-off show car concept from Volkswagen has simply dropped cover, and it boasts a sensational two-tone paint scheme, an ear-bleed-inducing three,500-watt stereo system, and nearly 180 further...


Hong Kong’s First RWB Porsche 911 Tiffany is Minty Fresh

RAUH-Welt Begriff is known globally for the widebody Porsche 911s that Akira Nakai builds by hand from scratch. Their wide, low stance with flashy...

Liberty Walk McLaren 650S


Geneva 2015: GTA Spano