This has to be one of the sickest tricked-out Lamborghini Aventadors in the whole world for the ingredients alone.

The unique wide body Aventador features a body kit from Liberty Walk, wheels from CEC and a one-of-a-kind wrap from Impressive Wrap. Put together, these bits create a wonderfully cool Lambo.


You are probably familiar with the styling kit on this wide body Aventador which consists of large, bolt-on front and rear fenders, custom front and rear bumpers, giant rear spoiler, and a full set of aero parts garnished in this case with orange accents.

The CEC wheels they have chosen for this car though look somewhat too sober for the design, especially as they’ve gone ahead and wrapped the whole thing in unique Brushed Steel.


The wrap is a work of Impressive Wrap who has established themselves as an authority in special wraps. This one right here is one of their cooler works with a matte grey sort of color that does indeed look like brushed steel and gives a Mad Max, post-apocalypse feel to the whole thing.


Normally we would hate such a mean thing to have orange accents on it, but we have to admit they work on this car. In fact, they look pretty cool. By: motorward