Cerberus Concept, like the Valhalla motorcycle concept is a manly machine that speaks of pure muscle and style. Designer Debopam Das took design and styling cues from numerous pop-culture items in creating this concept.


Inspiration for the design came from Terminator’s John Connor, Tron Legacy, and the three-headed hell hound Cerberus.

Cerberus-Motorcycle-Concept_2-600x375 Cerberus-Motorcycle-Concept_3-600x375

The motorcycle has a strong stance and maintains a futuristic look accentuated by its bull-hump fuel tank, fluorescent detailing on the tire treads, and the remarkably noteworthy headlamp and tail lamp. The motor has to keep up to match the looks of the beast from hell.


Debopam envisions the concept motorcycle getting power from a 1350cc V-4 inline motor mated to a manual six-speed transmission. Now this should be something. By: randommization