It looks like the Hellcat drag racing phenomenon is far from experiencing a slowdown, and we’re here to give you one of the latest battles involving SRT’s most muscular offering. We’re talking about a Dodge Challenger Hellcat that battles it out with a Fox Body Mustang. Sure, the ‘Stang is far from being in stock condition, since it comes with an engine swap.


The powerplant of choice for the swap is a Coyote V8. As far as we know, the Coyote doesn’t pack any mods, which means we are dealing with 420 hp on a car that weighs anywhere between 3,100 and 3,300 lbs.

As for the 4,400 lbs Challenger, this comes in factory stock form, with the exception of the drag radials.

Speaking of tires, we have to mention the Mustang owner took things one step further, going for slick rubber.

The two battle it out on the street, using the good old human Christmas Tree in order to complete the take-off phase.

The race has caused quite a debate among YouTube commenters, as people like to envision different mods that can be applied to that Coyote. The opinions seem to be split between adding a nitrous setup and going for more aggressive cams. If this Fox Body happened to land in our garage, we’d probably go for the first version.

While we won’t spoil the fun by talking about what happens in the clip, we do feel the need to tell you this isn’t one of those races where the conclusion is obvious from the very beginning.

With cameras being mounted on both cars, you’ll be able to get an excellent taste of the action. And yes, the Hellcat’s infamous blown soundtrack does take over the aural side of the clip below, but we don’t hear anybody complaining about that. By: autoevolution