You know how most people roll their eyes and murmur insults at the sheer stupidity of the thing when they see a donk’d car? Well, this is an answer to those people and it’s a middle finger presented in form of a Chameleon Camaro.  Chameleon Camaro on 30” Foargiato Wheels

Built by PC Customizing of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this Chameleon Camaro is a caricature of the whole donking culture, even though it is not really a donk as such. Well, it does ride on HUGE 30-inch Forgiato Indierto-B wheels, but it has a full air suspension system and custom fenders. So when it’s sitting, it’s just a Camaro with some inappropriately large wheels.

Chameleon Camaro on 30” Foargiato Wheels Sideview

Then, of course, we have that special wrap with the unique colors. Chameleon wraps are back in trend these days as we see more and more of them, sometime from highly prestigious firms, and we have to say they don’t look as ghastly as they once did. Granted, this Chameleon Camaro is hardly dignified, but still, it’s far from revolting, which is what the combination of those wheels and this wrap should have resulted in.

Chameleon Camaro on 30” Foargiato Wheels Kit

And that’s why it’s a middle finger to, well, people like us who mocked this peculiar car culture for years. It is coming into its own now and establishing itself as a form of automotive art to be recognized and respected. By: motorward