Meet the Chevrolet-FNR. This is an autonomous electric concept currently on display at the Shanghai Auto Show. One rarely expects an EV that drives alone from a company such as Chevrolet, but times and trends are changing very fast and the automakers are transforming their future strategies respectively. The concept is an example for “mobility of the future” and was developed specifically for the event.2015-chevrolet-fnr-autonomous-electric-concept-04

The aim of the team behind this project was to make one-off smart vehicle which will attract the future youngsters. This also means that the concept employs the newest networking technology.

But take a look at the design of this car. I haven’t seen anything more futuristic than this in a while. As the company said, this car has a capsule design and is equipped with crystal laser headlights and taillights. Do you notice the dragonfly dual swing doors? How cool is that?!


The vehicle also sports magnetic hubless wheel electric motors and a wireless auto-charge system. In fact, the FNR is loaded with variety of intelligent technologies such as sensors and roof-mounted radar that will allow driverless operation.

The other feature is Chevy’s Intelligent Assistant and iris recognition start. There is even a “personal assistant” which helps one to map out the perfect route to the final destination.


When this concept drives alone, the front seats can face the rear seats, thus creating more intimate atmosphere. The switch to manual mode happens with just a gesture. It seems like science-fiction movies like “Star Wars” aren’t that impossible. By: automobilesreview