Inspired by the work of their colleagues at Print Tech who recently wrapped a Lamborghini Huracan in black chrome, Vogt-Folientechnik decided to bigger and gave a similar treatment to an Aventador. The end result looks pretty impressive.


This chrome Lamborghini Aventador has a darker finish than the usual chrome wraps which makes it less shiny and therefore less ostentatious. Although, if you area going chrome, you might as well go all the way. I mean it’s not like a tinted finish can suddenly make a chrome-wrapped Aventador look understated!

Aventador-Chrom-by-Vogt-3 Aventador-Chrom-by-Vogt-4

But if you like this wrap because you think it looks less embarrassing than an all-out mirror-finish treatment, make sure you mention to your wrapper that you want the schwarz or black chrome. There is also a brushed chrome finish that is like a blend of matt and glossy finish and looks great, but works best with vibrant colors like blue or red.


The gloss black wheels and the orange brake calipers add a nice twist to Vogt’s chrome Lamborghini Aventador. By: motorward