Remember the Chrysler PT Cruiser? If you don’t, fret not because a Bulgarian tuning company didn’t forget one of America’s worst automotive creations. What you can see here is a PT Cruiser with pickup truck credentials, adorned with a widebody kit and a custom interior. The overall result is a case of four-wheeled multiple personality disorder.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Tuning Job is a Case of Multiple Personality Disorder

As far as the Bulgarian tuning scene is concerned, Vilner is the only company that matters. Compared to Mercedes-Benz and BMW sedans modified by Vilner, the Chrysler PT Cruiser tuned by Sofia-based Carbon Motors is, from our point of view, the complete opposite of good taste in customization.

A modern take on 1930s cars is the Chrysler PT Cruiser’s worst mistake, but to apply huge bumpers, bigger fenders, and humongous side skirts to an already hideous design is as daft as it gets. Instead of a five-door hatchback, Carbon Motors’ abomination has two doors and a truck bed with a tonneau cover.


How about the interior makeover? Leather on the A-pillars, leather on the dashboard, leather on the steering wheel, leather on the shifter booth, leather on the seats, you name it, there’s nothing much to see here except a sea of fire brick red and beige. It’s hard to imagine who would pay top dollar for such an atrocious-looking two-tone interior design, but hey, a poor soul in Eastern Europe did just that.



This is, without a shadow of a doubt, an ugly car. As with most other tuning jobs in Eastern Europe, the oily bits have been left untouched. This means that under the hood of the PT Cruiser lies an old 2.4-liter EDZ inline-4 engine.

It won’t move mountains, but it has no problems doing 80 mph on the interstate or zipping around town in stop & go traffic. Still, we’d much rather have a PT Cruiser with a Viper V10, thank you. By: autoevolution