The scrambler bike culture seems to be the latest trend right now, along with the café-racer craze, mesmerizing customizers and motorcycle manufacturers alike.

The latest company to spawn a bike inspired from the pre-motocross era is Ducati, creating a cool, stylish scrambler design in collaboration with Italia independent, offering an original interpretation of the Bologna-made motorcycle to only 1077 lucky customers.

Collaboration Between Ducati And Italia Independent Spawns Awesome Scrambler

Yes, the Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent is a sophisticated, limited-edition machine, carefully crafted and sketched by both companies’ design teams. In fact, even though the bike bears the “scrambler” denomination in its nomenclature, the manufacturer points out that the bike carries some elements from the world of café racers as well, standing out from the pack thanks to a series of hand-crafted details, including a black engine with brushed cylinder head fins, black full exhaust unit with Termignoni silencer, low handlebar with variable section and aluminum rear mirrors mounted on the ends.


Moreover, each bike is embellished with a laser marked aluminum plate with its correspondent serial number, Ducati Scrambler-Italia Independent logo, and matte black tank side panels, created by an artisan brushing process, reminiscent of the “Night Copper” wheels and chassis.

Now, Italia Independent is a company operating in the eyewear field and creating lifestyle products belonging to different sectors. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that Ducati’s scrambler comes with a pair of sunglasses, created by the design company, inspired by the bike, as Andrea Tessitore, Co-Founder and CEO of Italia Independent commented:


“I am delighted with the result of our collaboration with a brand – Ducati – that embodies the excellence of Made in Italy and is the leader in its sector. This partnership represents another important step in our process of international development and growth in terms of brand awareness and allows us to enter a world of creativity, research and development that we have attempted to bring to the eyewear made for this collaboration.”

By: Carscoops