This past couple of weeks we have shown you a great many tricked-out Range Rovers in all colors, shapes and form. This latest example, though, has got to be one of the more unique ones. The Copper Rose Range Rover is a two-tone chrome wrapped car by Impressive Wrap.  Copper-Rose-Range-Rover-0

Now, already we can hear Range Rover fans cursing under their breath because they believe the Vogue is way too classy for such treatments. In a pinch, they could consent to the Sport version getting a chrome wrap, but a Vogue with a brash paint finish will always be scoffed at.


That said, there is no denying that Copper Rose Range Rover is interesting, to say the least. We would like to see it in a matte or brushed finish, but as it is, the chrome finish gives the car a unique character. What’s more, we just like to say Copper Rose. It sounds like the name of a character in a Sci-Fi or something!


What really lets down this car is those standard alloy wheels that look way too cheap on a high-end car like this. What it needs is a set of ADV1s. By: motorward