Let’s be honest, the entire custom wheel culture is mostly based on looks. Yes, the weight reduction brought by certain rims, such as forged ones, is important, but the main reason for which people change their wheels is because they want a new stance.  Craziest AUDI R8 Custom Wheels on a Supercar: Messer Turbo-Fan-2

Today, we are here to show you the most outrageous wheels design we’ve seen this month. We are talking about German specialist Messer’s ME03-3 rims, or, as they’re known on the street, the Turbo-Fan.

Here, the three-piece forged wheels are showcased on an Audi R8, with silver lips and red centers. Messers lets you choose between sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches, a deep or a medium concave profile for the center, as well as a reverse or a flat lip.

Sure, the company might not come with an ultra-wide range like many aftermarket developers do, but we have to give them this much – their approach is one that stands out in a sea of custom rollers. And given all the details mentioned above, it’s safe to say these wheels will suit your customization needs.

Craziest AUDI R8 Custom Wheels on a Supercar: Messer Turbo-Fan-1

The car chosen to showcase the wheels is an Audi R8, which brings plenty of extra details. For one thing, these wheels bring the R8 in question one step closer to the Audi RSQ. You know, the concept car Audi developed for the I, Robot movie back in 2004 – we’ll remind you the movie sees Will Smith manhandling the Audi, with the action taking place in 2035.

Craziest AUDI R8 Custom Wheels on a Supercar: Messer Turbo-Fan

Then there’s the Lamborghini battle – let’s face it, the rivalry between the R8 and the Gallardo will never end. And when an R8 gets wheels like this, the Audi is one step closer to battling the Sant’Agata Bolognese machine in terms of appearance.

Heck, we’re not even big fans of custom wheels, but we have to admit this is one step that deserves to be discussed. By: autoevolution