Over the years we have seen the Lamborghini Aventador in many different guises and colors, sporting wheels and body kits from many different tuners from all over the world. But the car does not seem willing to stop wowing us with its unique looks and peculiar ability to pull off custom visual treatments.


This one we have picked for your viewing pleasure today is one of the more simple custom Aventador models, but one that is done up beautifully. It does feature a two-tone finish, a custom body kit, and a set of high-end wheels, each of which a reason the finished product should look rather ostentatious.


But amazingly, what emerges after all this work is a hugely elegant Lambo that is hands down one of the sexiest we’ve ever seen.


The black and white Aventador here is sitting on a set of ADV5.0 Track Spec wheels from ADV1, finished in a mix of matte and gloss black, measuring 21×10 inch on the front axle and 22×13 on the rear.

Custom Aventador on ADV1 Wheels

It also boasts a carbon fiber body kit consisting of an aggressive front spoiler with side flaps, complete side sills replacement, new rear diffuser, and a tall SV-style rear wing. By: motorward