We are not really big fans of heavy custom jobs finished in brash and bright colors, but every once in a while we come across one such thing that is done so tastefully, we can’t help but tip our hat in respect. This custom Corvette Z06 is definitely one of them, even though it is just way too red!

Custom Corvette Z06 in Satin Red Chrome

This car is all kinds of custom, beginning with one of the most elaborate styling kits available for the Z06 and continuing with a set of custom two-tone wheels, Lamborghini style doors, and of course, the absolutely unique wrap. This kind of artistic, multi-color, accented and stripes wraps is a specialty of Impressive Wrap. For this Z06 they have used a Satin Red Chrome from APA America, garnished with gloss black and white accents.

Custom Corvette Z06 in Satin Red Chrome Sideview - Copy Custom Corvette Z06 in Satin Red Chrome Lighting - Copy Custom Corvette Z06 in Satin Red Chrome Bodykit - Copy

The body kit on this custom Corvette Z06 is a story unto its own. It consists of a set of aero parts including front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and rear duck tail wing, complemented with a pair of custom bumpers on the front and rear featuring custom grilles and vents, flared wheel arches, aide air intake bezels and a vented hood. As mentioned, the whole thing is a bit too much. But it’s done in a way that is quite nice and interesting. By: motorward