After receiving much props for what they did with this custom Jeep Wrangler, the guys at Forgiato Wheels have now done another one. The new Forgiato Wrangler has a more serious look about it, owing to the fact that it is a fantastically capable mud plugger. Custom-Jeep-Wrangler-Forgiato-2

If we’re honest most of Forgiato’s works, especially their takes on exotic cars, are more about show than go. That is so not the case with this Wrangler. Equipped with a set of moderately large 22-inch wheels and a whole host of off-road gear, this Forgiato’s custom Jeep Wrangler is prepared for whatever mother nature might throw at it.


Among the main off-road ready features of this car there is the raised suspension, steel underbody protection parts, roll cage complete with a roof rack, front and rear guards, and LED lights bar. The car also gets a number of Forgiato accessories such as front bumper and grille. And of course we don’t have mention the two-tone black and white wrap the car is sporting.


The cherry on the top of this Wrangler cake is a set of Terra Elica-T forged 22-inch wheels. Normally Forgiato would go for a much bigger size, but since they were aiming for capability rather than style here they picked the 22s and wrapped them with some rugged off-road rubber. By: motorward