If you can’t afford the new Cayman GT4, or if you just like the way it looks, there is a solution for your problem. This custom Porsche Cayman by Pfaff Tuning shows beautifully what can be done with the right aftermarket parts at a reasonable cost.  Custom Porsche Cayman by Pfaff-forntview

So instead of blowing a large pile of cash on a GT4, you buy yourself a nice and clean second hand Cayman, and then spend a few more grands doing it up. The end result, judging by what we see here, can be quite spectacular. Pfaff’s custom Porsche Cayman is equipped with a body kit from Techart, consisting of front chin spoiler, side vents, rear diffuser, and rear wing, the low version. If you want a full GT4 look, you can for the long version of that wing.

Custom Porsche Cayman by Pfaff-sideview

Custom Porsche Cayman by Pfaff-rear

But the body kit alone would not have been enough for the sweet look the car now rocks. So the tuner did some structural work, beginning with installing H&R sport lowering springs and then swapping the stock wheels for a set of Forgestar f14 wheels in Piano Black, wrapped with Pirelli P zero tires (245/35/19F 275/35/19R). The wheels feature acid green pin striping to match the brake calipers.

By: motorward