The debate about whether electric or hydrogen vehicles are the way of the future is nothing new and recently, Daimler chief executive Dieter Zetsche weighed in on the issue.


During a recent interview with Euro am Sonntag, Zestche said that he believes electric vehicles are currently superior to vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells.

Zetsche said that at the moment, electric technologies have advanced to the point where long ranges and quick charging are just around the corner.


By comparison, development into hydrogen propulsion is still in its infancy and even though hydrogen is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe, it is still quite costly and difficult to make widely available to consumers.


“One has to recognize: batteries have become more attractive in recent years. It has become more likely that they could prevail. Cars with electric driving ranges of 500 kilometers and fast charging times of 20 minutes are within reach,” Zetsche confirmed. By: Carscoops