Come to think of it, so was everyone.

For much of its long history, Mercedes-Benz has been considered to be a fairly conservative automaker. It makes smart, very calculated decisions and doesn’t like taking many risks.

Mercedes-Benz C111 Rare

Mercedes-Benz C111

That formula has served it very well. But what Mercedes has always been wonderful with doing is innovation. It’s not afraid to experiment with different technologies in order to build the best cars possible of the day.

Mercedes-Benz C111 Interiror

Mercedes-Benz C111 Engine

And that’s why the C111 Series has gone down in Mercedes history as one of the greats.First appearing in 1969, the C-111 served as a test bed of experimental technologies including fiberglass, Wankel engines, diesels, even turbochargers.

And it has gullwing doors. Those factors made it one of Jay Leno’s dream cars as a kid and now he has the chance to get behind the wheel of a C111-II.

By: Carbuzz