The Datsun 240Z concept is the work of Lars Martensson, a Swedish design professional who goes by the alias GRID. When he’s not at work making 3d computer models for various computer games, GRID spends some of his time using his considerable skill creating concept cars independently of manufacturers and redesigning them to better suit his tastes. The Datsun 240Z concept is one such concept.


When Nissan released the 350Z, and later the 370Z, they used the original Datsun 240Z for inspiration. However GRID didn’t think there was enough 240Z evident in their styling, so he had is own go. This is the result.


Both the concept 240Z and the original car share an almost identical profile and the overall shape is almost a carbon copy, however the lines of the new car are crisper and cleaner. Clever styling tricks have been integrated into the design to make the body more sleek.


The recessed headlights are laid back at an angle instead of upright, and the exterior door handles are built into the top section of the lateral air intakes. The chrome bumpers have also been deleted for the 240Z concept and in their place is an multiframe aggressive grille at the front and a diffuser at the rear with integrated twin center mount exhausts.


Although there are no details on any proposed drivetrain the fact the concept is still called the 240Z and Datsun/Nissan used the numbers to indicate engine size, a 2.4 litre inline 6-cylinder engine driving the rear wheels through a manual transmission would be the obvious choice. By: diseno-art