The new Honda NSX has to be one of the most highly anticipated cars of the new millennium. We first saw a tantalising concept car five long years ago and we’ve been teased with more concepts, appearances in films and images of it covered in disguise running around the ‘Ring ever since. So Honda was probably rather excited about showing it to the world at the Detroit Motor Show. Then a few hours before their reveal, Ford surprise everyone with the new, incredible looking Ford GT. What a way to pull the rug out from under you. But these things happen, so onto the NSX…


Firstly the styling. It’s hard to write this article without making references to the Ford GT as it appears to have moved the styling game on to another level, but the NSX hasn’t wowed us as much as we were hoping. The front end is very American, looking like an Accord or other ‘normal’ Honda. We really wish it was more dramatic.


The rest of the design is very nice, with powerful arches, a deep intake in the rear wings and a clean, pert rear end and deeply sculpted sides. Had it been launched without us seeing the GT, maybe it would’ve wowed us more. Inside there’s a very ‘Honda’ dashboard with lots of buttons and a rather unexciting design. We’re hoping it’ll look much better in the metal.

Honda-NSX-4 Honda-NSX-Interior

The big news with the new NSX though, is the powertrain. Yes, there’s a mid-mounted V6 much like the old NSX, but that’s where the similarities end. The new NSX is a petrol-electric hybrid, with all four wheels being driven through a none speed dual clutch gearbox.  The V6 is twin turbo, and there are three motors – one between the engine and bespoke gearbox to assist with acceleration, braking and gearbox performance, and one on each front wheel. The engine’s power goes to the rear wheels. Output hasn’t been specified, but has been confirmed that the combined output of the engine and motors is ‘over 550 bhp’. The NSX is constructed from a mix of aluminium, carbon fibre and high strength steel and should weigh around 1500 kg. By: botb