If this is an Arab’s idea of a proper super car, we would like them to start making family hatchbacks and sedans, because they will probably give them like a 1000 horsepower. Meet Devel Sixteen, a hyper car that came out of nowhere to this year’s Dubai Motor Show, claiming some truly staggering numbers.


Boasting a Made in Dubai tag, Devel Sixteen is powered by a V16 engine that develop a mind-bending 5,000 horsepower (maker’s claim, not verified yet). The engine is a sizable thing, but there appears to be two jet engine thingies hanging off the back of the car as well. Or they could just be styling details. The Devel, after all, looks like a cross between a Batmobile, a Ferrari Enzo, a Lamborghini Veneno, and a Koenigsegg CCX. It is properly nuts.


They say Devel Sixteen can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 560 km/h. What we like to know is what kind of technology this unknown firm is using that all the big boys, Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, have not thought of yet.

The Devel seems awfully like a wild flight of an Arabian fancy. It probably won’t work, even though they already put a price of 5 million Dirhams on it, which is about a million Euros. By: motorward