Some sophistication techniques were required.

You’ve probably noticed a pattern here regarding the Dodge Viper’s output. With every mid-cycle facelift and generation, horsepower increased and weight was lost. Because competition. Because pure reputation. The refreshed second generation Viper, launched in 2008, was no different.   Dodge Viper V10

As yesterday’s Viper feature explained, not everyone was a fan of the redesigned Viper’s styling. Those curvy lines were replaced by straight angles throughout, but now it was time to refine its engine.

While Dodge barely made exterior changes for this facelift, forcing Viper lovers to accept that new look, improvements were made to its V10 once again. This time it was increased from 8.3 to 8.4 liters. Total output? Try 600 hp and 560 lb-ft of torque up from 510 and 535, respectively. So how did SRT engineers accomplish that? Two outside (English, actually) companies were hired for their assistance: McLaren and Ricardo Consulting Engineers.

 Dodge Viper V10-1

Those two would later work together to develop the former’s now famous 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8. With their expertise a more sophisticated and powerful updated V10 was created. It involved, among other things, increasing the cylinder bore by just one millimeter, which increased capacity to 8.4 liters.
A new block was added with cross-bolted main bearing caps for improved durability, along with new cylinder heads. Another clever update saw a cam within a camshaft use hydraulic pressure to vary exhaust valve timing.

 Dodge Viper V10-2

If you recall, previous Viper cabins became quite hot because of exhaust crossover pipes. Those were finally eliminated in favor of a new manifold and tubular header exhaust system which, obviously, cooled things off for driver and passenger. It also produced a better exhaust note, a common complaint about its predecessor. And because of that torque increase, Dodge was also forced to replace the six-speed manual gearbox, which was carried over from the facelifted first-gen car. By: Carbuzz