Forty-something-man is getting a divorce, so forty-something man buys outrageous car. In this case, it’s Ben Affleck now driving the most outrageous muscle car of the moment – the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.


Keeping the pubic up to date on the latest on Ben and Jennifer Garner’s divorce is People magazine, which spotted Affleck Tuesday in Los Angeles with his possibly loudest post-separation decision yet. He and Garner announced their intent to divorce June 30, following 10 years of marriage.

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On the one hand, a Hellcat is more practical than a Corvette. You get a backseat for your kids, after all. On the other, it makes 707 horsepower and does more than 200 mph.


So it’s faster and more ridiculous than a Corvette. Or think about it this way: the new Batman lead rocks a black Hellcat. And that’s a good look. Divorced dads all over the U.S. will take note now. By: Carscoops