As far as tuner cars go, the extremely rare – and expensive – DMC Aventador LP-988 Edizione GT is one every super car spotter dreams of hunting out there in the wild. The luxury spotter this time is WorldSupercars who not only caught an EGT in Monaco, he managed to film it in action and captured the sound of that 988 horsepower engine.

 Lamborghini Aventador LP988-4 Edizione GT DMC

Watching the footage of this red DMC Aventador LP-988 prowling around Monte Carlo we can’t help but think that massive front spoiler is going to scrape the tarmac any second and fall off. Fortunately though, the car has a front-end lift system that stops that prevents that.

You can order a DMC Aventador LP-988 EGT with or without the engine treatment package which includes turbochargers, custom exhaust system, individual throttle bodies for each of the 12 cylinders, and software.

Judging by the noise this EGT makes, we are pretty certain it does feature the full package including the 988 PS engine treatment. The styling kit itself includes custom front and rear bumpers, DMC signature front spoiler and air intakes, side skirts, and a SV-style rear wing, plus a set of custom DMC wheels. By: motorward