The already hardcore hypercar has been dialed up a couple of notches.

In creating spectacular track cars out its supercars, Ferrari turned the Enzo into the FXX and the 599 GTO into the 599 XX. So it’s only a matter of when, and not if, the Prancing Horse does likewise with the LaFerrari.

DMC LaFerrari FXXR is a Hardcore Beauty

German supercar tuner DMC has jumped the gun by creating its vision of a LaFerrari track special, dubbed the FXXR. Up front, the hardcore variant of the limited-release hypercar features two carbon-fiber air intakes angled like a ‘V’, extending the line of the large central hood-mounted air vent.

Vertical fins on the sides of the front bumper work to stabilize the FXXR at high speeds, while carbon-fiber canards at the bumper’s corners increase downforce.

DMC LaFerrari FXXR Sideview

DMC LaFerrari FXXR rear

Additional air intakes and vents aim to keep the car cool, while at the back, a fully-adjustable carbon-fiber rear wing sits atop smoked out taillights and a new matte-black exhaust that flanks the clear carbon-fiber lower diffuser. Other nice touches include a roof-mounted air intake, quick fuel filler and black cross-spoke alloys. By: Carbuzz