In one of their latest projects the guys from Impressive Wrap have given a DMC Lamborghini Huracan a very special treatment. The tuned Lambo gets a one-of-a-kind black chrome wrap complete with dark yellow accents.  DMC Lamborghini Huracan Gets an Impressive Wrap

As we may have mentioned a few times before, we don’t dig chrome wraps. However, there is an argument to be made for this dark shade, as it doesn’t have that fatal flaw of most chrome wraps, which is being too shiny. In fact, unless the sun hits it directly, this DMC Lamborghini Huracan looks plain metallic grey. As for the yellow accents… well, that’s just something we can’t live with. But if they work for the owner of the car, we say salut!

DMC Lamborghini Huracan Gets an Impressive Wrap Frontview

Besides the wrap this DMC Lamborghini Huracan also boasts a full set body kit from the German brand, also installed by Impressive Wrap.

DMC Lamborghini Huracan Gets an Impressive Wrap Rearview

The package consists of a large carbon fiber front spoiler with side flaps, side aero blades, rear diffuser wit pronounced fins and a DMC SuperVeloce style rear wing. If you fancy more power, the tuner also has engine upgrade kits with up to 1,088 horsepower, although we’re not sure if they are available in the States right now. By: motorward