The Dodge Charger, and we are talking about the modern incarnation of the muscle car here, is the kind of vehicle that perfectly suits the “wrap and rims” custom car pathway, which seems to dominate the contemporary tuning scene and we are here to give you an example of that. dodge-charger-gets-matte-black-wrap-and-vossen-wheels-photo-gallery_9

The wrap on this Charger mixes matte black with a little glossy black for certain details of the car. This helps emphasize the sedan’s badass attitude, but also highlights the details that people should pay attention to. The profile of the car serves as the perfect example of this and we have to admit this move is a good one in our book.

Time to talk about the wheels

When it comes to the rollers, the vehicle lost its factory rims for a set of Vossen VVS-CV1 wheels. The front axle received a wheel size of 22×9-inch, while the power-delivering rear one got 22×10.5-inch wheels. Once again, this highlights the Charger’s mean stance, as we can’t think about this four-door in any other way.



Sure, Dodge has added those rear doors, causing purists to protest. But hey, at least we now get a complete line-up, which can cater both to a rebel, as well as to a family man’s transportation needs.

As for the design of the wheels, we’re not sure this fits the muscle appearance of the Dodge Charger. We are talking about a multi-spoke approach, with the slim spokes creating a strong contrast with the vehicle’s massive body. Perhaps it’s the finish of the rims that makes us think twice before thinking of installing such wheels on a Charger.


Now that we’ve gone through the details of the customization job, we have to tell you that we expect more than this when we hear about a matte black Charger on custom rims. By: autoevolution