The auto world is more about fast chargers than Dodge Chargers these days. But we know a good sedan when we see it, especially when it’s been customized the right way.

At the beginning of August, this story blew up all over the internet. It shows an older model Dodge Charger that’s combined the rust theme with the iconic General Lee design. dodge-charger-gets-rusted-general-lee-wrap-in-sweden_4

 The weird thing is that the all-American machine comes not from the Deep South, but from Sweden. We know these Scandinavians love big V8 engines and have a thriving muscle car community, so everything makes sense. They also make excellent vodka as a substitute for moonshine.

The so-called “rustbucket” look is rapidly gaining favor in the aftermarket world. It’s all about making an anti-statement, about ignoring the chrome and polished aluminum wheels. A decade ago, you would have needed a highly skilled airbrush artist to come up with this design, but now it can all be done on a computer.


Swedish wrap company WrapZone hired a firm called Skepple (an American design firm) to make the design, which takes all the curves of the car into consideration. After being printed out on vinyl, the wrap was skillfully applied to the Dodge.

It’s got the big 01 on the doors and the trademark flag on the roof, but the orange paint looks pitted and rusted.

It makes you wonder what kind of post-apocalyptic would be required for the Charger to end up like this. Maybe Luke and Bo died, and they left the car in a barn, where it was discovered by their ancestors who like in the same world as Mad Max.


We’re not sure what model year or Charger this year, but it looks like 2014, clearly not an SRT. Would it have been better as a Hellcat? Probably not, since the 707 horsepower machine is brand-spanking new and doesn’t fit with the whole rustbucket look. By: autoevolution