It was a year ago that Dutch sports car maker Doonkervoort teased the D8 GTO on its Christmas card. It took a little longer than expected (and we lost a fiver in the process), but Santa’s elves have crafted the thing in time for this Christmas. As predicted, it’s “clearly a size larger” than Donkervoort’s other fireballs, the GT and D8 270RS, by about a foot in length and six inches in width.


However, it doesn’t share much with its siblings because the company wanted to provide a perfect holding place for the 2.5-liter TSFI engine sourced from Audi. The same lump you’ll find in the TT-RS, only30 kilograms lighter, it’s been revised in conjunction with Audi engineers to make it even more suited to the GTO. It makes 340-400 horsepower depending on whether you flick a “race module” switch, and 331 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers in a two-seater that weighs just 1,540 pounds should make this the quickest car in Donkervoort’s stable.

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The GTO’s steel-tube frame is wrapped in carbon panels and a one-piece door that swings up quasi Koenigsegg style. A first run of 25 – half of which are sold already – will get the Audi engines and go on sale early next year, while “regular” versions with an unidentified engine will be available later in 2012. Prices begin at €100,000 and go up to €150,000, before tax. By autoblog