A race car driver in Denver, Colorado asked Jarrod and Justin Del Prado of DP Customs whether they could build a street-legal drag racing-natured bike which would not wheelie too easily.

DP Customs Turbo Destroyer Harley Sportster

Since there was enough “extreme” in the proposal, the Del Prado brothers quickly sketched the Turbo Destroyer, a bike based on the clean lines of the 2008 1200 Sportster.

Hacking and sawing was needed and a custom low seat was hard-mounted on the 8″-longer (20.3 cm) hardtail rear frame. This ensured that the center of gravity was also very low and wheelies were no longer an issue.

The front end was ditched in favor of a Ducati 1198S one with Öhlins suspensions, loaded with Kyle racing spacers to accommodate the BST carbon wheel and the monoblock Brembo calipers for top-drawer braking. A Brembo RCS master was used, as well.


A Marchesini forged aluminium rear wheel came in place of the stock one, and both rims got Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa SP tires. The engine needed more nerve, so DP Customs sent it to no other than James of Trask Performance. There the Harley mill got Screamin’ Eagle heads, and a turbo charger which brought specs up to 154 hp and 132 lb-ft (179 Nm).

A Thundermax ECU was also provided and hidden in the small rear cowl, while the custom battery box and all electronics are under the seat. Even ta tank started as a H-D unit but got cut and turned into a completely new, bespoke one.


The Turbo Destroyer was built for speed and not for comfort and the Del Prado brothers say it delivers just the right amount of extreme. By: autoevolution